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Global communication of brand colors — consistently and effectively

In a global world, electronically communicating color data accurately is quickly becoming a requirement. Global workflows as well as in-house digital workflows from designer to press are demanding common, adequate and effective means to communicate color and appearance. CxF allows seamless, worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of color. Furthermore, CxF is defined in a completely open way so every aspect of a color is communicated, even if the application and color communication features required are unknown.

If brand color consistency is an important part of your business then you need to be able to utilize CxF files easily. Designers can immediately design in color accurate specifications, and when the proof reaches the printer you can rest assured that all the color data they need is properly contained in the file as well.


ORIS CxF Toolbox creates CxF/X-4 files from existing color data, such as CGATS measurement files, QTX files and legacy CxF formats, or by measuring printed samples. Spectral reflectance data can be viewed in detail, including data embedded in PDF/X files. All metadata information can be added and corrected.

ORIS CxF Toolbox also allows you to conveniently assign CxF/X-4 data to the spot colors in a PDF/X file and to extract such data to a file. Missing CxF/X-4 data is assigned automatically if CxF/X-4 library files are specified. If a brand color is only available as a printed sample, ORIS CxF Toolbox quickly finds the best matching color definition available in a CxF/X-4 library.

Print quality can be verified by measuring spot ink characterization charts against the tolerances defined in the CxF/X-4 metadata. Alternatively, if your measurement device is not supported, you can load a CGATS measurement file or QTX file.

The report function provides an overview of all spectral and colorimetric data both graphically and numerically. It also includes data for print process control such as TVI aims and ink properties. This allows users to easily create ink recipies and verify ink formulation ingredients.


ORIS CxF Designer is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CS6 and CC2015.2.1 or lower which imports CxF/X-4-defined spot colors into Illustrator’s swatch palette.

This allows designers to use exact brand colors in the creation of any packaging or other printed product. On exporting the documents to PDF/X format, the CxF/X-4 data – including spectral data, opacity information and metadata – is embedded into the file. Designers no longer need to wait for the perfect color to be created. What is used on screen can be sent directly with the final PDF file.

Development of this plug-in has been discontinued. Users of Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3 or higher can use ASE format to import spot color names into Illustrator. After completing the artwork, use ORIS CxF Toolbox to reassign the CxF/X-4 definitions to the spot colors in the PDF file.


  • Use of standard file format for brand colors
  • Design files using exact brand colors
  • Export CxF metadata to PDF/X for supply chain partners
  • Ink formulation instructions embedded for easy extraction
  • Match colors, tints and overprints accurately
  • Reduces press setup time
  • Includes tools for reporting quality metrics


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