ORIS Press Matcher // Web

Cross-Fleet Color Accuracy and Repeatability

Now it is possible to reproduce, accurately and consistently, any type of print result on your digital press. Until now it has been challenging and time-consuming to achieve accurate and repeatable color reproduction, especially across multiple presses or in trying to match to offset printing. This is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to ORIS Press Matcher // Web you can now calibrate your digital presses easily and reliably and maintain a consistent print quality across the fleet. Today’s print production is the same as yesterday’s – and tomorrow’s.


ORIS Press Matcher // Web is our latest state-of-the-art solution for automated color repeatability. Different operators on different days? Printouts which need to be reprinted periodically? Color balance is automatically maintained, day-in, day-out. Our patented technology guarantees consistent color whether you have one press or multiple presses, anywhere in the world.


Due to changes in the environment, print-outs vary from day to day as the gray balance shifts. Ideally the system should always remain in a perfect balance between Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, also called neutral gray. Achieving this manually is challenging and can be time-consuming. ORIS Press Matcher // Web is the first solution in digital printing that recognizes color shifts and automatically compensates them.


Gradients are a quality characteristic. Smooth gradients depend on an optimal color management setup and an interaction between calibration, paper profiling and neutral grays. The setup of this balance can be very time and cost intensive. ORIS Press Matcher // Web unifies all these steps into one single process ensuring that colors stay repeatable and stable.


ORIS Press Matcher // Web measures colors using either an inline or near-line spectrophotometer. The software automatically identifies special colors and maintains their exact match through all subsequent re-calibrations of the press. Brand color consistency is ensured.


ORIS Press Matcher // Web complies with industry standards for printing, like GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA, ISO coated and uncoated etc., thereby allowing the user to deliver print production according to the highest standards in measurable quality.


CGS has been at home in the graphic arts industry for over a quarter of a century. Early products were digital design systems and production workstations with innovative workflow and complex color control software. This high-end production color management experience, unique among today‘s software suppliers, has enabled CGS to achieve and maintain its market leadership position in delivering productive solutions to the digital printing market, presented now as ORIS Press Matcher // Web. With over 90% market share, CGS is the market leader on the American proofing market. This makes CGS one of the leading suppliers in this area.


Consistent color reproduction across different printing technologies — digital, offset and wide format
Matches colors to standards: e.g. GRACoL, ISO Coated v2 (Fogra39)
Iterative procedure with precise and repeatable results
Optimum gray balance and stability with the unique color stabilization feature
Web-based interface and integrated soft proofing for company-wide print communication
Perfect results with a simple wizard-based interface
Completely automated, using intelligent workflow tools