Packaging and POS CAD Software

A full range of CAD software to design cardboard packaging and POS [structural and parametric design, CAD drawing, automatic 3D folding, product/packaging assembly, 3D animation, data sheet, cutting table control, standard library, CAPM-ERP integration (ActiveX, .NET, XML)].

2D – A wide range of Specialized Tools and Features adapted for Packaging and POS Structural Design:

  • Geometrical functions for packaging design ( Geometry, Construction, Quotation, Hatch, Text, Image);
  • Study and Production functions: Data Sheet, Calculation ( Surface, All out, Nets);
  • Imbrication, Imposition, Tools (Cuttiing, Slotting, Perforating), Cardboard Format, Plotter Output, Image Insertion, Digitizing.
  • Draw and Parametrical Design. Conversion of an existing draw into a parametric model;
  • Several Standards Libraries you can resize at your own convenience (FEFCO, ECMA, POS, Packaging)
  • Additional Diemaker tool : Bridge, Cutting width nets (points), Wood format, Easy set;
  • Import/Export : PDF, EPS, Ai, CFF2, DDES, DXF, DWG, IGES, Hpgl, Diecad (.N).